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Tokyo Runway S/S 2008

Tokyo Runway is like Tokyo Girls Collection except that its not. It’s more like the Tokyo 20-30 Market Collection. And it had its first hurrah on Sunday.

Japanese Schoolgirls

Fans of Japanese schoolgirl culture will enjoy watching this video clip of the song Aitakatta by girl group AKB48. It features Pocky, keitai, school uniforms and even the ubiquitous keitai straps.

mercibeaucoup Autumn/Winter 2008 - Energetic

As I sat on my front-row seat waiting for the show to start (thanks A-net), I noticed the older gentleman sitting next to me is sleeping. Sleeping? At a fashion show?!

Public Image A/W 08

I first became interested in the brand Public Image when I saw WWD Japan had picked them up as a newcomer to watch 3 seasons ago.

Kjeld Duits: Misha’s first blog entry on JAPANESE STREETS. Welcome, Misha!

Faked Faces

Some of Japan’s best loved stars didn’t quite look the same way when they started their career. JAPANESE STREETS found this revealing video clip showing Japan’s most famous before and after plastic surgery.

Kjeld Duits: That is very interesting to hear. I have seen my own eyes sag considerably the past few years, so It doesn’t come as a total surprise.
rin: Testimony from a fellow Asian who had double eyelids (naturally) after years of being single lidded – It’s not always surgery :)
apolo: This is a rare case. The Japanese rarely change face like the Koean.

Bambi is Sexy

Japanese fashion designer Bambi makes clothes that makes women stare at themselves in the mirror. Her brand Succubus is sexy written in big capital letters.

tavares: Give me the models…Beautifuls
Kjeld Duits: Me too!
Manana: those clothes are great!!! I loved the corsets!!!

60910-6588.1 - Succubus fashion designer Bambi