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Marui O1O1 Internet Shopping

Great news for Japanese fashion lovers. Marui (O1O1), one of the coolest department stores in Japan, has launched an international website in English, French and Japanese.

7/24x+18: başla hadi
melih: metin2 çin
David Tippie: I am searching for a Japanese manufacturer of water ionizers, can anyone help me?

Gothic & Lolita Bible in English

Japan’s extremely popular Gothic & Lolita Bible will be released in English in the US next year.

momo[ko]!: HOORAY!!:D wow…i just admire and adore loli fashion-it’s TOO cute! im soo happy that it’s finally out in english- i’ve ordered little ol’ me a copy-im so anxious to get it!XD
rieluvlolita: yay!!!!can’wait to get my hands on one of those!!….And a sewing machine….
Hime Kimiko: Yay, yay, yay!!! I can have REAL patterns, FINALLY!!! And that way I can read the measurements and what the preferred materials are and then all the other cool stuff that comes with loli! I’m thrilled. It’s hard enough to design this stuff without a basic pattern to start one’s self on. Even with the geometry it’s just really complicated unless you are very knowledgable in how fabrics will react. It’s hard to get the dress perfect.

Autumn in Tokyo

We are shooting on the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo again this week. Autumn has finally conquered Japan and it shows in the clothes. We just uploaded over 100 photographs of this Autumn fashion.

Ozzie: I love the scarf. Animal prints are so fun~! It has a sort of Indiana Jones theme.
jehona: hey this is jehona from france

Cute Little Devils

Japan has so many fashion magazines that you can spend weeks reading them all. Ko-akuma Ageha, launched last year October, is one of the newest ones. “Ko-akuma” means “Little Devil”…

Ozzie: Rinestones are the smex x3 You should see my outrageous overdecorate cellphone.shimmer A’thankya Hime-kei for sticky prettis.
snen: They forgot to mention that this mag is mostly for hostesses and sex workers…not that that’s a bad thing, I like the magazine and hosts and hostesses are the most stylish people in Japan.
maharu ico: This is awesome!! I luv the phone!! ^^ ; ]

mercibeaucoup Spring/Summer 2008 - Theatrical

When you think of Japanese fashion, most think of multiple layering, cute patterns and innovation. This is exactly what mercibeaucoup does time and time again

Oranuch: Good Idea

DressCamp Spring/Summer 2008

If you are a regular visitor to Japanese Streets you will know that we are big fans of Toshikazu Iwaya’s glamorous brand DressCamp.