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Sayoko Yamaguchi 1950-2007

Japanese supermodel Sayoko Yamaguchi died from acute pneumonia on August 14 it was reported today.

bobble-bee: i wouldn’t think people can still die of pneumonia nowadays.. what a really sad thing to happen.And she was so young!
Koti: She was amazing and a true hero.
Kjeld Duits: True, Marble Tiger!

Cool Japanese Hairstyles

We have just uploaded a small batch of photographs of Japanese hairstyles. Especially popular these days is the so-called wolf-cut.

danneshia: sorry
hanamya: that’s cool..maybe you can make it better by highlighting your hair too…please upload more latest hairstyles ok?
mei: Basically Japanese hair is layered and teased. Spray hair spray on it too. :D there are tutorials on youtube


The End of Little Shrimp?

One of Japan’s most popular models, lovingly called Ebichan or ‘little shrimp’, appears to be heading toward the end of her career. For only the second time in about four years, Ebichan will not feature on the cover of CanCam.


Tokyo, August 15 2007 – JAPANESE STREETS starts today with a brand-new look and logo. The site has also been completely re-built to make it more user-friendly and consistent.

Tokyo Pride Fashion

The Tokyo Pride Parade of Saturday August 11 resembled a Japanese cosplay event. Lots of people spent a lot of effort, and money, to attract attention to the plight of sexual minorities

Fashion Video

Several interesting video clips showing fashion in Japan: Tokyo Girls Collection 2007 and TV commercials for the Japanese fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam.