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Lilith - Artists in the City

Lily Barreth showed her Lilith Autumn/Winter 2006 collection on a beautiful morning here in Tokyo. A French woman based in Japan, Barreth displayed an assured line full of cheeky surprises and elegance.

Japan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2006

Welcome to Japanese Streets coverage of Japan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2006. Kjeld and I will be shooting and reporting on the major shows in this year’s revamp of the Tokyo Collections.

Largest Anime Center to Open

Japan’s largest anime center opens in Akihabara this Wednesday.

Men's Non-No

“Men’s Non-No” is one of many fashion magazines aimed at fashion-conscious Japanese men. It is the bible of Japanese men’s fashion and leads the way with a comprehensive overview of new trends and styles for young men all around Japan.

amad: plz setd me a catalo.thanks for ur kinds.
Kinoko: the link for Men’s Non-no(Japanese) is not working.
NiCHASIE': I need these mags! How do I get them?

YAB-YUM Interview

Shortly after their TOKYO GOTH show at the Japan Fashion Week last year I had a short e-mail exchange with YAB-YUM designer Patrick Ryan

Open Your Clothes

A unique Japanese community for people who love clothes.