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ROUROU: Chinese Delights

In the theatrical setting of Tokyo’s Teien Art Museum in Meguro former model Maki Hayazono uncovered her latest collection for her label ROUROU.

Kjeld Duits: Excellently expressed by Paul. The truly Asian designs of this show were a delight after the many European centered creations of the past week. Unfortunately, we photographers were literally put out in left field during this show. We had to shoot outside, in the dark, with rain falling. Two terrible spot lights were the only illumination to cover the models, who initially also stayed too far away from the photographers. So I am afraid the heavily contrasted photos don’t do justice to the beautful creations we got to see. Hopefully, designer Maki Hayazono will pay more attention to the needs of the fashion photographers in the future. Her work certainly deserves it.

Iliad Disappoints

We expected sophisticated and poetic menswear; we received an – at best – mediocre streetwear collection that we could have seen on London housing estate or Glasgow high street

joe shmo: Is Illiad a top brand in Japan? Well, they got their ass kicked by this reporter.

Hiroko Koshino and her African Dream

The Grand Dame of Japanese Fashion, Hiroko Koshino, gave nothing short of a masterclass in this astonishing collection for Tokyo Collection Week. A huge crowd gathered inside and outside of the tent erected in Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu Gaien.

HISUI Spring/Summer 2006 - Muted Display

In an unremarkable mid-morning production Hiroko Ito’s Hisui presented its Spring/Summer collection

DRESSCAMP Spring/Summer 2006 - Hottest Ticket in Town

Rip up the rule books and move aside for the new enfant terrible of Japanese Fashion. Toshikazu Iwaya and his DRESSCAMP label exploded onto this year’s Tokyo Collection

Kjeld Duits: Paul tells it well. This was great fun. I should have the photographs up soon!