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100% Pure Osaka Street Funk

True funk in front of Osaka’s largest train station


Fashion Hoax Fools People Worldwide

Thousands of people worldwide are being fooled by a clever fashion hoax which plays on people’s secret desires.

Kjeld Duits: This one still floats around. Almost every month I receive enquiries.
Jessica: So the real question is: who’s going to actually produce these skirts, now that we know they’re not real, but wanted?
rebecca: I was looking forward to wearing it to work (Im in sales for the Better Business Bureau!) to bad its not real. I would have bought one in every color.

Fashion Hoax Japan: see through skirts

More Fun on the Computer

Hideki Itoh is not a street artist like the other artists that are introduced on these pages. He is obviously more matured, but his art is also not traditional street art.

Japanese Emoticons

Emoticons are everywhere these days. They are handy, cool, fun, and cute. Japan’s emoticons are super cool. They look like little manga and are preprogrammed into each and every mobile phone

<(^o^)>: lol they went wrong!
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, dosankodebbie. Aren’t they super cool?
dosankodebbie: Followed your link from Twitter. Am familiar with a lot of these, but found some new ones. So fun!

Japanese Emoticons

"I am Not an Artist..."

Artist Sayaka Adachi’s women are emotionless, almost sulky. Their eyes stare straight ahead into emptiness.


Apple Japan's Super Cute Momoko Kikuchi

Apple’s Switch commercials are adored by some, hated by others. But the people that love these ads, love them bad.

Momoko Kikuchi in Apple Commercial